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The Governor's Interest in Special Interests

January 23, 2005

Re "A Man of the People ... People Who Pay," column, Jan. 19: Congratulations to Steve Lopez for taking on our macho governor in terms clear enough for even this governor to understand.

What I do not understand is why The Times does not take on the governor, editorially and firmly with regard to his faux claims of attacking the "special interests" at the same time he pockets up to $6 million from those same interests.

Put Lopez on Page 1 and let him go unrestrained until our politicos wake up and do what needs to be done, even as Ronald Reagan did as governor, namely raise the ante for the fat cats.

Edgar Simon

Beverly Hills


Lopez's column was right on the money. Gray Davis was ostracized for his pandering for political action committee dollars, and yet Gov. Schwarzenegger, in his short time in office, has taken in $23,037,846 from the very special interest PACs that he demonizes the Democratic-controlled Legislature for being beholden to.

Sorry, Arnold, you can't have it both ways. A PAC dollar is a PAC dollar, and the record amount you have amassed from the "special interests" shows that you are in bed with them just as your predecessor was. And all those folks who voted to recall Gov. Davis, what are your collective thoughts now? I'm looking forward to the next gubernatorial election.

Glen Reid

Palm Springs


Schwarzenegger's use of the term "special interests" is nearly identical to President Bush's repeated claim about "weapons of mass destruction." I hope that we find the former to be more credible, but I suspect we will not.

John Mardahl


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