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Don't Dismiss the Torture Report

June 03, 2005

So, the term "gulag" is a bit harsh to describe the conditions at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp (June 1). "It's absurd," President Bush says. OK then, let's be politically correct. Why not call it an "internment/torture facility." Will that help? Will that help you live in denial a bit longer? Wake up, people!

Les M. Glasser



It is disturbing that our president and vice president are flippantly dismissing Amnesty International's allegations of torture and abuse at Guantanamo Bay. Amnesty International is an apolitical organization known and respected throughout the world. What would be its motivation for falsifying a report against the U.S.?

Since the organization is dedicated to ridding the world of torture, shouldn't its report be given serious consideration? Does anyone really believe that Amnesty International could be duped by liars as easily as the president is suggesting?

I can imagine any penny-ante thug/dictator in the world responding to Amnesty International's allegations against them in a way similar to Bush and Cheney, the supposed leaders of the free world. How far we have fallen.

Steven Lanzarotta

Culver City

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