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Chewing Over the Toxic Risk in Products

June 04, 2005

Re "Study Finds Genital Abnormalities in Boys," May 27: While the chemical industry whines, babies will be chewing soft plastic pacifiers loaded with phthalates with predictable results. Hundreds of European Union studies have shown the consequences of phthalate and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals over the years. U.S. regulatory toxicologists have known about phthalate toxicities for a long time. Ask the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. In the meantime, profit prevails over public health.

Steve Chase



Ask any woman or teenager, do you need anything external to mess with your hormones? The effects may not make for a good scientific study, but we know imbalances. Maybe this study focusing on males will get more measurable results. While the studies continue to gather evidence, my kitchen, for one, is going through a purge of plastic.

Dorothy Walker



The May 30 article, "Legislature Targets Toxic Risks in Products," describes a David versus Goliath struggle of oppressed chemical companies being horribly persecuted by the notorious sick people lobby. I agree.

How dare sick people and their fellow-traveler legislators impose their twisted values on the rest of us. Imagine -- removing genital-deforming chemicals from teething rings and baby bottles. And now they want to test volunteers for toxic chemicals -- and then warn communities when a troubling pattern is found. Truly shocking.

In all seriousness, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is on record supporting the health of children.

In September 2003, he said, "California's economic future depends significantly on the quality of our environment. 'Jobs versus the environment' is a false choice."

I therefore trust he will support the Legislature's efforts to protect Californians from toxic exposure.

Jonathan Parfrey

Executive Director

Physicians for

Social Responsibility

Los Angeles

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