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Acclaim and Disdain for 'Deep Throat'

June 05, 2005

Re " 'Deep Throat' Revealed," June 1: How refreshing to learn that "Deep Throat" was motivated by neither ideology nor principle, but rather revenge and angst at being passed over for a promotion.

To learn that he was subsequently convicted of authorizing his own illegal break-ins is even more precious.

Paul Carter

Long Beach


Re "Disgust and Admiration at FBI," June 2: I am amazed at the discussion about whether W. Mark Felt is a hero or a traitor.

To me it comes down to: Should he be loyal to a crooked administration or loyal to his country?

Many complain about the method he used to expose this mess. It seems it was the only avenue open to him, as direct confrontation to the administration could have been dangerous to him. These people were capable of anything to protect themselves.

We can only hope that there are other Mark Felts in the current administration who would expose all the secretive dealings concerning the illegal Iraq war, prisoner abuse, energy policy, election irregularities and who knows what else.

Richard D. Curtis

Lake Forest


Re "Watergate-Era Players Weigh In on Felt's Role," June 2: In today's myopic political climate, the fact that the usual suspects are savaging Felt's admission to being "Deep Throat" comes as no surprise.

What makes me laugh are those amnesiacs who protest that Felt should have pursued his agenda through the legitimate chain of command. You're kidding, right?

Any bets on how long Felt would have lasted as a public whistle-blower against the current Bush administration?

Gary Durrett



I broke out laughing when I read that Nixon speechwriter Pat Buchanan compared Felt with Clinton nemesis Linda Tripp and criticized the media for not making Tripp a heroine.

Tripp blew the whistle on a very personal relationship that was none of her business, or anyone else's except President Clinton and his wife.

Felt, on the other hand, blew the whistle on evidence of wrongdoings and illegal activities by the Nixon administration that was of concern to the whole country.

Big difference!

Lorraine Knopf

Santa Monica

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