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Dobson Doesn't Speak for the Entire GOP

June 05, 2005

Re "On Filibuster and Stem Cells, GOP Bears Pain of Compromise," column, May 30: Ronald Brownstein states, "James Dobson virtually threatened to excommunicate from the Republican Party the seven member senators who supported the accommodation." Since when is Dobson the head of the Republican Party?

Granted, he is a very vocal and overly influential member, but it seems obvious that the power he has grabbed has gone to his head. Many Republicans are becoming tired of his posturing and don't want him to speak in their name.

If the Republican Party wishes to continue its role in government, it needs to speak with the voice of all the members of the party, not just the loudest.

Toni Sandell



If hoopla over the filibuster and George W. Bush's judicial appointments made anything clear, it is that the words partisan and hypocrite have become synonymous.

Grant W. Kuhns


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