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The Folly of Raising Taxes on the 'Rich'

June 05, 2005

Re "Democrats Propose Income Tax Hike," June 1: I agree wholeheartedly with Assembly Democrats in their effort to increase taxes on the rich. By increasing tax rates from 9.3% to 10% or 11%, we could raise an additional $1.8 billion or more per year for our impoverished, underfunded schools.

We jacked up tax rates on the rich in November to pay for mental health. This new tax would take care of our schools. I propose that we then increase it more to pay for healthcare for the uninsured poor. Maybe another increase to pay for food, shelter, clothing and higher education for our poor would also be a good idea. Perhaps another increase on the rich to provide income for those who can't or won't work makes sense as well.

Of course, by the time we have redistributed all the wealth from the haves to the have-nots, the haves will have long since departed the tarnished Golden State for less- taxing destinations. But hey, that's then and this is now. And heck, they can afford it.

Chuck Cassity

Costa Mesa


So, the Democrats in Sacramento think it is time to raise the tax rate for "rich" Californians. Are these the same legislators who just accepted a 12% pay raise?

How about this solution? First, you decline your raises. Second, you cut out all the fat from the budget, starting with your own staffs, and don't forget all those state committees on which you and your cronies serve. We spend too much on government and administration. Then maybe come back and see us about a tax increase. I won't be holding my breath.

Becky Mocciaro

Los Angeles

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