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Article on Secrecy Left Out a Telling Point

June 10, 2005

I find absolutely incredible the long article "Watergate Weighs on Today's White House" (June 7) about the Bush White House that quotes university professors and authors of books berating this administration as being overly secretive and sly, much like the Nixon administration.

However, no mention is made of Bob Woodward's bestselling book that covers the period leading up to the Iraq war.

George W. Bush spoke at length, on the record, with Woodward, and as many as 75 other leading administration personnel spoke to Woodward at the encouragement of the president himself.

Leaving this important episode out of the story must have been intentional and negates the whole issue of the Bush administration being overly secretive.

No one can give another example of anything remotely similar during a highly controversial period in history and while the president was still in office.

Woodward had more access to this administration than any reporter had for any administration in recent memory. That is the record, not some college professor's or author's opinion based on biases.

Roy A. Fassel

Los Angeles

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