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Thoughts for the Road

June 11, 2005

While your "Taking the High Road ... " editorial (June 4) is well-considered and eloquent, you're dreaming if you think the Bush administration would do anything that places any restriction or burden on the oil or automotive industries. Requiring more efficient vehicles would affect the profits of the oil companies, and President Bush would never do anything to negatively affect those sacrosanct profits. His loyalties are neither to the average people of this nation or even to the Constitution, but to the oil companies that donated to his campaign.

Get real!

Jim Fox-Davis



" ... and Running Down SUVs" (editorial, June 4) displays quite a violent attitude toward SUVs and their owners in not just the headline but in the let's "unceremoniously" turn out all the SUVs from their owners' garages sentiment. Why the same vitriol is not carried over to trucks and truck owners is that perceived yuppies make an easier target. Look at your prejudices toward people who drive these trucks with cabs (some truly mammoth), take a chill pill, or redirect your anger at the automakers who could have been making better trucks for years.

Maybe I'll even take your call when you need to (a) pick up that 7-foot-tall box (patio enclosure for $99) from Wal-Mart; (b) haul your kids and sports/camping equipment at the same time; (c) start a business (as I did recently) and need to haul untold amounts of supplies; (d) discard an old screen door. My 1998 Toyota 4-Runner only has 140,000 miles on it, barely a half-life for them, so you'll be seeing mine for another 10 years. My offer stands: Need to haul anything besides your attitude?

Scott Woehrer

La Habra


Another suggested use for extinct SUVs: Fill with sand and have a giant outdoor kitty litter box for the neighborhood.

Lillie Ybarra

Woodland Hills


Re "Let 'Em Spin," editorial, June 4: "Spinner" wheels are already (way) passe in California. They were an expensive fad.

The real danger is in the gigantic wheels (and tires) that are going on cars (in place of the spinners). Their stupefying diameters are putting extreme and undesigned-for loads on suspension components (especially front spindles).

Many manufacturers are now thinking of voiding warranties on these vehicles.

Doug Stokes


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