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Illegal Migrants' Rights Begin to Seem Wrong

June 11, 2005

Re "Local Police, U.S. Agents Differ on Raids," June 6: Who cares if no one informed the Border Patrol? Let the Border Patrol do its job, and if the illegals don't like it, they shouldn't cross over!

I'm tired of hearing that illegal immigrants' rights have been violated and that they are often mistreated.

I don't mean to be harsh, but I think our city has accommodated enough to the needs of illegals in every aspect. And it's not only the Mexicans, it's all the nationalities that are here illegally that fit this criteria.

I personally think there has to be a better way for the Border Patrol and local police to communicate with each other to help alleviate this problem.

Why do we, the American citizens, have to abide by what illegal immigrants want and need?

Crystal Del Pozo

Los Angeles

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