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The Iraq War: Views From the Home Front

June 11, 2005

My son-in-law will soon be ordered back to Iraq for his third tour of duty. Like many in the armed forces, he will again put his life on the line to protect our democracy and freedoms. I support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would pay higher taxes if it would mean that all of our military men and women had body and vehicle armor, better intelligence and equipment against IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades).

I would proudly shoulder any rationing program that would bring our men and women in uniform back home sooner, and I would support the reinstatement of the draft so that all sacrifices are equally shared and understood by all Americans in this battle against terrorism.

Finally, I hope that those who display those ribbons supporting our troops truly understand that there's much more than patriotic symbolism involved here. There are human faces behind those families suffering from anxieties and sleepless nights wondering if their loved ones will be returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. I know, our families have gone through those nerve-wracking experiences twice in two years.

Joe Martinez

El Segundo


Re "Joining Up to Dodge a Dead End," June 8: You folks in the heartland just keep voting Republican, and it will only get worse. That's how the GOP rewards loyalty: fewer jobs, no health insurance, ending Social Security and the chance to get killed in Iraq.

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

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