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Prohibition Has Always Bred Corruption

June 11, 2005

Re "Temptation Along the Border," editorial, June 8: I agree that the recent border drug busts ought to turn on a light bulb. Unfortunately, your editors seem to be standing outside at high noon, so they can't see it. The light bulb is Prohibition.

During Prohibition, 10% of the Prohibition agents were fired for corruption -- and those were only the ones who were caught. That problem didn't end until Prohibition ended.

Drug prohibition creates a perfect climate for large-scale corruption. We proved that in the 1920s, and we can prove it today just by going to the archives of the L.A. Times. No change in border policy will have any effect until we honestly address the problem of drug prohibition.

Clifford Schaffer

Director, DRCNet Online

Library of Drug Policy

Agua Dulce

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