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Heated Arguments Over a Holy Book

June 12, 2005

Re "Who's Really Abusing the Koran?" Commentary, June 9: Max Boot and others like him just don't get it -- or admit it. Growing up, I heard that "two wrongs don't make a right." Ergo, no matter how many vile and evil acts are perpetrated by others, they don't justify our doing the same.

This is particularly true if we advocate a higher level of morality. If we behave like those we condemn, we are no better than they and even worse, hypocrites.

So, yes, every atrocity committed by us should be condemned as an abomination, or else we should stifle our arrogant claims of moral superiority.

Harvey and Ina Mozer

La Mesa


Now, after all the nonsense about desecration of the Koran foisted on us by the leftist press, it develops that the inmates were flushing the pages down the toilet and deflecting the blame for propaganda purposes.

The real point is why should we be supplying Korans to suspected terrorists at taxpayer expense in the first place?

Arthur Hansl

Santa Monica


I'm sorry, but I have found that I can only read the first sentence of any Boot commentary.

Boot's commentaries on any given political situation can be read before they're written.

The latest example was when Boot again brushed aside American wrongdoing at Guantanamo Bay by noting that the detainees held there are actually more guilty of violating the Koran than we are.

I love Max Boot. We Americans, while under the rule of George W. Bush, can do anything we want. And when the world calls us on it, we'll just point to something our "enemy" has done to deflect the attention away from us.

Let the bloodshed continue!

Stephen Netherlain

Lake Forest

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