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Maybe Cameras Would Improve Freeway Safety

June 13, 2005

Re "Driver Shot on Century Freeway," June 10: Today I'm depressed. Driving to work on the 105, I passed the Crenshaw Boulevard offramp and was reminded of the latest freeway shooting.

The 105, 110 and 405 are freeways that my friends and co-workers traverse daily to and from work, roads that my parents and children use to get to schools, shopping malls and movie theaters.

Today our freeways are unsafe because a few individuals have decided they can shoot at people driving in cars next to them. Increased numbers of police on the freeways are not stopping them.

Maybe cameras will. When I was growing up in the '60s, we were warned not to let Big Brother with his cameras everywhere infringe on our freedoms.

But if schools are safer because of cameras, and Irvine is the safest community in the U.S. because of cameras, perhaps we need to employ cameras to keep our freeways safe today.

Jo-Ann Hill

La Palma


I have two words for the freeway shutdown last week -- surface streets!

Rebecca Merwin


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