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A '50s love that won't fade away

The age of Elvis, Marilyn and Buddy Holly will be celebrated.

June 16, 2005|Zan Dubin Scott | Special to The Times

Poodle skirts, ponytails and bobby socks. Half a century has passed, but pop culture seems to have deemed the 1950s the decade that won't fade. And that's cool with bandleader Michael Cohn, who's been beating the drum for Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and the like for 30 years.

"I grew up during that time," Cohn says, "and looking back, it's a fun kind of music. People really love to listen to it and dance to it."

Kids and baby boomers alike will get the chance to do both during Saturday's 50th anniversary party-cum-sock hop for the Vineland Drive-In, Los Angeles County's only remaining drive-in theater.

An Elvis impersonator will sing with Cohn's Good Vibrations band. There will be plenty of classic cars, not to mention Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball look-alikes. And concessions will be sold at 1950s prices -- all before the night's movies begin. Allison Bibicoff and her swing dancing gang will encourage everybody to hit the floor in honor of the Vineland, which opened in 1955.

"Everything old is new again," says Bibicoff, who recently produced a touring production of "The Buddy Holly Story" musical. "I said to someone the other day, 'Whatever your grandparents love now that's not cool is going to be cool again in 30 years.' "


Vineland Drive-in 50th Anniversary Party and Sock Hop

Where: Pacific Theatre's Vineland Drive-In, 433 N. Vineland Ave., Industry

When: Saturday party 6 p.m., movies 8:30 p.m. ("Batman Begins," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," "Madagascar," "The Longest Yard")

Cost: Adults, $7; children 11 and younger free

Info: (626) 961-9262

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