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A War Hero or a Pawn?

June 18, 2005

Re "Pattern of Deception Persists in Tillman's Death," Commentary, June 14: Robert Scheer gets in his usual kick at the White House and President Bush, then concludes with "speaks volumes about how politicians exploit soldiers, both the living and dead." But it is Scheer who is exploiting soldiers, in this case a dead soldier, Pat Tillman, in his twisted attempt to blame the president for anything and everything.

Did Scheer's visit or the resulting column provide any comfort to Tillman's mother, Mary? I think not. Shame on you, Robert Scheer, for picking scabs and making people bleed in order to pursue your petty hatreds.

James B. Davis

Beverly Hills


Heroes are those who serve. How the soldier died is of little consequence. It is not his death but his service that distinguishes him. The problem with today's America is the inequality of service. Tillman was the exception that proves the rule. The rich and powerful do not serve in America's military. A nation that claims to practice equality but fixes the game so the rich and powerful don't have to serve is not a nation to be proud of.

Pete Alberini

La Mirada


If the Silver Star awarded to Cpl. Tillman was part of a coverup, then shouldn't the medal be withdrawn? Those who have legitimately been awarded the medal should not have their honors besmirched by the shoddy use of the medal by PR types in the Army. I would think the brother and family would not want this medal as a reminder of how their loved one was used.


Daniel J. Guilfoil

Monona, Wis.

Re "Confusion, Not Coverup After Tillman's Death, Army Says," June 10: The Army, while "investigating" exactly how Tillman was killed, awarded him the Silver Star, led his family to believe he died by enemy fire and stood silent as the commander in chief exploited and tarnished his death to rally the country around the war on terrorism.

Although the men and women of the Army are for the most part good people who want to serve their country in any noble and worthwhile cause, politics and the need to propagandize force their highest-ranking commanders, all the way up to the Oval Office, to turn into liars.

America could not stomach a man like Tillman to be killed by "friendly fire," so they let this deception grow into a monster. Now they are doing everything they can to control the political fallout. I'm truly disgusted with our president and his administration, which have raised mass deception to an art form.

I can't wait for today's Woodward and Bernstein to find their "Deep Throat," who will blow the lid off this story and expose the entire truth.

Eric Potruch


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