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Plans for Iraq Were Made Early, and Badly

June 19, 2005

Re "New Memos Detail Early Plans for Invading Iraq," June 15: So what were President Bush and his accomplices really doing while they were spoon-feeding us their phony story about war "only as the last alternative"? They were setting us up. Their agenda, kept on the back burner through Bush's two presidential campaigns, was described in 1997 by the Project for the New American Century.

Does anyone care? Yes, many of us care. An investigation is needed to save what little credibility our government still has. On with it!

Robert Kittner

Granada Hills


Re "Food Shortages Gnaw at Iraqis' Stomachs, Morale," June 16: The story on the appalling quality of life for an average Iraqi family is indeed disturbing news. One must ask, where are our U.S. billions going to "rebuild" that country?

According to my calculations, if Iraqi Hussein Hadi and others are willing to work for $3 a day, then $1 billion should buy 333,333,333 days of work. And $10 billion? My calculator isn't wide enough.

Kurt Sipolski

Palm Desert

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