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They Don't Know Jacko

June 19, 2005|Michael Soller

The Michael Jackson case brought out cable TV's usual bloviators, including Fox News' Geraldo Rivera, who was so certain of acquittal that he once vowed to shave his mustache if wrong (he later said he meant the pledge "metaphorically").

A sample of other so-called insights on Monday's verdicts:

"I think the jury will ... not have Michael Jackson singing 'Beat It' today. I think he's going to be convicted."

-- Attorney Robert Shapiro on CNN

"There is no question we will see convictions here."

-- Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy on Fox News

"He has to be guilty on one of the molestation counts."

-- Commentator Nancy Grace on Court TV

"You're not going to get Jackson off by saying the mother was a loony."

-- Fox news commentator Bill O'Reilly on Nov. 20, the day Jackson was arrested

"The mother, as we know now, was Michael Jackson's best defense."

-- O'Reilly, after the verdict

"There probably will be one or two counts of molestation that they will convict on."

Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark on CNN


-- Michael Soller

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