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Which Way Should We Be Going in Iraq?

June 20, 2005

Re "War Criticism and Concerns Both Growing," June 17: Americans have been patient with the Bush administration's war on Iraq, but that patience is running out. We are realizing that dousing a fire with gasoline is not the best way to put it out.

The insurgents are active against what they view as infidel invaders of their land, and a puppet government set up by the invaders. The U.S. needs to get out now. Yes, turmoil will continue, but the U.S. won't be fanning the flames.

Richard T. Robertson

Costa Mesa


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't President Bush declare America at war against Iraq? If that be the case, why the double standard that our country be defended only by young volunteers, the National Guard, Marines and Reserves, while the rest of us and Congress enjoy the good life? Is a national draft the only remaining option?

Alan Morton



The failure of the Iraqi troops to assume a more aggressive role in controlling the insurgency has more to do with motivation than training.

It is hard to believe that an Iraqi Sunni will wholeheartedly fight another Iraqi Sunni to justify the occupation by "hostile U.S. forces."

They know that the insurgency will melt away as soon as U.S. forces leave Iraq.

The foreign fighters are filtering into Iraq to fight the Americans. There is no reason for them to stay there if the Americans leave. In other words, withdraw the troops and let the Iraqis handle their own affairs.

John Youssef

Woodland Hills

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