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Catholic School Fails the 'Christian' Test

June 20, 2005

Re "Catholic School in O.C. Limits Gay Parents' Role," June 14: Though I am not a churchgoer, I do consider myself a Christian. I was appalled after reading the article about St. John the Baptist Church School in Costa Mesa. Two little innocent boys whose gay parents are not allowed to attend school functions. How can that parish be so mean-spirited? There is no way that they can call themselves Christian.

Christians are taught to love their neighbors and to protect small children from hurt. Don't these parents realize that the boys will eventually be taunted over this? For a moment, I ask them, "What would Jesus say about your treatment of children?"

Bless the school principal, Sister Mary Vianney, for objecting to this requirement. She knows what it means to be a Christian.

Mimi Loupe



As an alumnus of St. John the Baptist, I am in support of the new admission guidelines adopted by the officials at the school. I would, in fact, recommend the next logical step.

The guidelines should prohibit all parents in violation of any church doctrine from stepping foot on the campus. This would include parents that do not follow church doctrine in the areas of birth control, divorce, Sunday Mass attendance, etc.

Now all the parents would have to do is figure out how to get a majority of their students to class.

Marty Callahan


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