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A Quake Question: Whose Fault Is It?

June 21, 2005

Re "The Big Quake Question: What Comes After Four?" June 17: According to the Los Angeles Times, the big earthquake question is: Can we predict the next quake?

The big earthquake question should be: Can we pick our fault?

Can we make the earth-slippage occur on the San Jacinto fault instead of the San Andreas fault?

We know that the middle of the San Andreas fault is more lubricated, so the slippage is numerous small quakes instead of one big one.

If we lubricated the San Jacinto fault, would Southern California get many small earthquakes instead of the big one?

Scientists have demonstrated, I believe in Colorado, that they can produce a very small earthquake by lubricating the fault with high pressure water.

Ask the scientists: Can we pick our faults?

Edward Perry


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