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Battling Meth

June 29, 2005

Re "Meth's Grip in Midwest Strangles Authorities," June 27: The obvious solution to the methamphetamine explosion is to make the main ingredients, decongestants, more difficult to obtain by classifying them as prescription drugs. Will that happen? No. Too many drug companies and advertising outlets, represented by too many lobbyists, are making billions of dollars on the status quo.

Irwin Spector

Toluca Lake


No money to prosecute meth makers and users, but millions to pour into busts of cannabis clubs that supply marijuana to suffering patients? Meth creates super-strong monsters who will tear out their own livers to get the drug -- or yours if you try to stop them. As far as I've ever seen, marijuana soothes even the most agitated into smiling compliance.

Is there some hidden agenda behind the drug policy that's tearing our society to shreds?

Chele Graham Welsh

Los Angeles

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