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Filtering Television to Protect Children

March 07, 2005

Re "The Best Television Filter," editorial, March 3: I agree completely with your editorial as to who should say "no" -- and that is a parent. As a father of five (with two teenagers), responsibility for my children comes down to myself and my wife -- and no one else. I don't have cable or satellite TV, I don't allow R-rated movies in my home, nor do I let my younger children watch PG-13 movies -- all because I exercise my right to "say no." When a parent accepts his/her responsibility and acts accordingly, the need for actions as in the editorial would never have to be.

Dan Charles



The Times is not being realistic. You can throw your TV away but indecent forms of entertainment, whether on network or cable TV, will still change your life through their influence on everyone else in society. Though you may struggle to protect your kids, you can't possibly protect them from all the other kids in your community who have received full exposure.

Terry Maxson

West Covina

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