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GOP Shows Its Colors in the Schiavo Case

March 23, 2005

President Bush states that in extraordinary circumstances we should always err on the side of life (March 22). Given this hypothesis, how can the death penalty ever be justified in a purely circumstantial-evidence murder conviction?

Bob Constantine



Though I would support giving Terri Schiavo's parents custodial care under the circumstances, isn't it ironic that the conservatives are now desperate to find an activist judge?

Nathan James

Pleasant Hill


Although they assure us that their God is omnipotent, it appears that congressional Republicans still think he needs their assistance.

Naidu Permaul

Pacific Palisades


Sen. Bill Frist's diagnosis-by-video gives "distance learning" a whole new meaning. I wonder what medical school taught him how to do that?

Lon Burns

Manhattan Beach


Over and over again I read newspaper reports that removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube will "let her die." Completely denying someone nutrition and water makes her die. You don't need to be a doctor to understand that. If that is what Michael Schiavo wants to do, he should say so.

Nancy J. Doman

Garden Grove


Congress should be loudly applauded for the time, hard work and taxpayers' money it has devoted to the Schiavo and baseball steroid matters. The country needs more hurly-burly on these issues.

After the din of the huzzahs has died down, I don't think it would be harmful if Congress redirected some of its infinite resources to other important but less grandstanding-prone issues, such as education, health, crime, war, peace, etc.

Allan Streller

Santa Monica


Bravo for the strong editorials regarding Terri Schiavo, our withdrawal from the international death penalty agreement and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

When following these stories, one can only wonder at what point this power grab by the right will end and how.

And while my husband and I are rushing to complete our living wills, we have fears borne of today's political atmosphere that there may come a time when, even in writing, our wishes will not be honored.

Pam Donaldson

Bend, Ore.

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