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Offering Opinions Through Cartoons

March 27, 2005

I was delighted to see that you dropped the cartoon format of the Opinion section March 20 and printed some substantive articles.

I read most of the Opinion section for the first time in several months.

Please continue to improve the quality and substance.

Janet Howell



I am so tired of the really tired opinion that cartoons are always childish and/or only for kids.

Many deep and profound ideas can be said with an image with a few lines. You still seem to have many written opinion columns, so it's not as if a few drawings have suddenly brought down the quality of the writing.

I have been enjoying the new Opinion section. It's about time there were other cartoons besides those of Michael Ramirez.

Please don't go back to the old format just because a few people whined about the change.

Sharon Kroner


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