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Kareem Springs a Shanghai Surprise

May 24, 2005|Mike Hiserman | Times Staff Writer

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is at a basketball camp in Shanghai, leading a course for 55 young Asian players called "Basketball Psychology and Attitude."

Along with teaching some fundamentals of the game, Abdul-Jabbar says his intention is to prepare the young men for situations they might not have experienced.

Trash talking from opponents and pointed questions from the media, to name two.

Of trash talking, Abdul-Jabbar told Associated Press, "The whole idea of responding to someone trying to use that tactic of intimidation is a waste of time, and it's going to deflect them from what they want to do on the court."

His advice: Walk away and ignore it.

And, if he preaches what he used to practice, he'll tell them the same thing about dealing with the media.


Trivia time: When Texas left-hander Kenny Rogers blanked Minnesota on May 14, he became, at age 40, the second-oldest Ranger pitcher to throw a shutout. Who is the oldest?


Oh brother: Michael Schumacher, a seven-time Formula One series champion, has gone seven races without a victory, his longest drought since joining the Ferrari team.

So did his actions Sunday on the last lap of the Monaco Grand Prix result from effort or frustration?

After swerving to avoid a collision with his brother, Ralf Schumacher offered this opinion to a German television station: "I have a feeling he sometimes switches his brain off."

Michael, on his way to a seventh-place finish, had tried to squeeze between the wall and his brother's Toyota just before the checkered flag.

"It's just frustration," Ralf told the newspaper Bild, "because nothing is working for Michael." Not even family.


Numbers game: Columnist Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times noted that SuperSonic forward Danny Fortson, were his 2005 playoff averages applied over the 48-minute span of an entire game, would have averaged 16.5 points and 11.9 rebounds.

The sticking point: those pesky 19.2 fouls.


Dead ringer: In his Sports Illustrated column "The Show," Bill Sheft noted that a recent "CSI: New York" episode was on a Red Sox fan who is discovered dead in his car in the Yankee Stadium lot. "Neat twist," Sheft wrote. "He'd originally been found on Oct. 16, 2003, but Grady Little decided to leave him in."


Trivia answer: Nolan Ryan, who was 44 when he threw his seventh no-hitter, striking out 16 in shutting out the Toronto Blue Jays, 3-0, in 1991.


And finally: The bill passed by the state Assembly that would require the Angels to disclaim, in advertising and on tickets and promotional material, that the team isn't located in Los Angeles got ESPN magazine columnist Mark Kreidler to consider a few other truth-in-advertising consumer warnings.

Among them:

* The Lakers: "Absent Shaq and Zen, team will stink."

* The Yankees: "Jason Giambi still in lineup."

* Manchester United: "American owner to be likened to leprechaun and burned in effigy at halftime. Potential riot to follow."

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