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A master with class

At 89, playwright Horton Foote is still writing about characters whom audiences care deeply about.

May 25, 2005|Lynne Heffley | Times Staff Writer

Foote still writes in longhand, although he's sheepish about owning two computers that he doesn't know how to use. "I really have got to face that in my lifetime," he says, to appreciative laughter. "I can't be that ignorant. I mean, it's just frightening when 5-year-old children can do what I can't do."

After more than an hour, the lights onstage are warm. Foote is tiring but unfailingly gracious as he joins the eager company members for a quick reception before Watson drives him back to his daughter's Pacific Palisades home, where he is staying.

A week later, speaking by phone, Foote offers his reaction to Watson's staging of his play.

"I was nervous because I knew that everybody in the cast would be wanting to hear my reaction, and there's nothing worse than that kind of forced thing you sometimes have to say," he says. "But I really was moved."


'The Habitation of Dragons'

Where: Crossley Terrace Theatre, 1760 N. Gower St., Hollywood

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