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My Favorite Weekend: Pamela Des Barres

Still passionate about musicians

November 03, 2005|Mark Sachs

In March, rock demigod Robert Plant was finishing a Q&A session at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, when a thin, freckled arm rose with a final query: "Do you still have groupies?" Plant broke into a huge grin and raced over to greet his old pal Pamela Des Barres, who, like Plant, knows a thing or two about those pop music passionistas. In 1987, she penned a kiss-and-tell memoir of her offstage exploits, "I'm With the Band," and the now 50-ish author has just updated it. Des Barres, who lives in Marina del Rey, is on the promo trail with scads of new projects, but she still savors her weekends. No Mick Jagger nowadays, but plenty of satisfaction.

Girls' night out

On Friday night, I'll have dinner with my girlfriends Sheri Rivera, Pam Dawber and Julianne Phillips at the Harvest on San Vicente, a comfy Mediterranean restaurant with a handsome, attentive chef named David. In between gabbing about creative endeavors and significant others, I'll gobble the yummiest seared scallops and colorful beet salad. I gave up red meat almost 35 years ago after reading about slaughterhouses on the back of the menu at Help, one of the first L.A. health food restaurants.

Time to dance

Later, we might go to the Cinema Bar on Sepulveda, where my boyfriend, Mike Stinson, plays with his awesome honky-tonk country band. I still dance like a wild hippie chick. It takes Mike hours to unwind, so we'll light candles and listen to favorites like Ray Price until dawn. Gram Parsons turned me on to country music decades ago, and I'll never get over it.

On Saturday morning, I'll take a class at the Sivananda Yoga Center a few blocks from my pad, and then I'll come back and rouse Mike with a delicious brunch, usually scrambled free-range eggs with lox, onions and spinach, and we'll drink green tea with loads of fresh lemon juice. Then I'll get in a few hours of writing, since my new book, "Backstage Secrets of Rock Muses and Supergroupies," is due in February. At night, if Mike's not playing, I'll invite friends over and whip up some veggie spaghetti and a huge green salad, served with a dreamy Merlot. It's a wonderful way to socialize with my many clever and charming friends.

The first Sunday of the month I go to Pasadena City College's swap meet. I collect so many things: James Dean memorabilia, religious paraphernalia, '40s frocks, Deco baubles and beads. I shop for Christmas and birthdays year-round, so I always have the perfect gift.

Lunch with the ex

Later, I'll hook up with my ex-husband, Michael Des Barres, and head to the Hare Krishna temple in West L.A. for lunch. We enjoy piles of scrumptious veggies loaded with ghee, which is basically butter that isn't bad for your arteries. After lunch, we'll go to the gift shop, where I try on these shimmery embroidered blouses and help Michael choose snazzy jewelry for his girlfriends. That night, if I'm not teaching my writing class, my boyfriend and I will go see some of our heroes in concert. We caught Bob Dylan and Steve Earle together at the Pantages, and I felt like I went straight to heaven and watched the show with Johnny Cash and my old flame Waylon Jennings.


-- Mark Sachs

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