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Redistricting plan: voters or legislators?

November 04, 2005

Re "Some Guidance for Voters in This Special Election: Just Say No," column, Nov. 3

In stating his opposition to Proposition 77, George Skelton asks voters to hold Democrats to a pledge "to pass a sane, bipartisan redistricting plan next year." With the current gerrymandered system, almost every state legislator is secure in retaining his/her seat against any viable competition. So, just how are voters supposed to hold their legislators accountable?

The real problem is that if Proposition 77 is defeated, there will be absolutely no incentive for incumbent legislators to act on any redistricting reform until they are required to after the completion of the 2010 census. Unfortunately, this means that voters will be stuck with the current system that Skelton refers to as "indefensible" until the 2012 elections.


San Diego


According to recent articles I've read: (1) 75% of the state's residents are dissatisfied with the job our legislators are doing; (2) in the most recent statewide election, no legislative seats changed hands; (3) 56% of poll respondents oppose redistricting (Nov. 2). Pretty hard to connect those dots.



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