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Special election trickery and propaganda abound

November 04, 2005

Calling a special election, with propositions that will only be noticed by special interest groups, is a travesty of the democratic process.

The people who have called for this election realize they have lost the intellectual and moral arguments, so they resort to trickeries to get their radical views voted into law.

Politicians should stop distorting election procedures to disrupt our duly elected representatives from running our government. Propositions that reform the government should only be presented during a general election to ensure the greatest possible citizen involvement in our government.

In protest, I have voted "no" on every item.


Buena Park


Desperate Gov. Arnold "Smokescreen" Schwarzenegger is trying to scare Californians with his threatening propaganda.

I am glad that most of us wise people can see through all his unprofessional tactics.

I hope everyone gets out to vote "no" on all his power-grabbing propositions -- 74, 75, 76 and 77 -- and crush the one who wants to terminate us all on Nov. 8.



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