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In the bag at San Jacinto

November 08, 2005|Scott Doggett

WATERFOWL hunters have had less success in Southern California since the season opened last month, except at the San Jacinto Wildlife Area in Riverside County, where the daily take per hunter has steadily increased.

Geese and duck season in the Southland runs from Oct. 22 to Jan. 29. Youth hunting days, for hunters younger than 16, extends beyond the regular season to include the weekend of Feb. 4 and 5.

Opening day typically sees the highest number of waterfowl taken and the highest bird count per hunter. The daily average usually declines as the season progresses.

But at San Jacinto the daily take has risen from 3.4 birds per shooter on opening day, when 133 hunters brought down 454 birds, to 4.5 birds per shooter Wednesday, when 71 hunters caught 320 birds.

"It's unusual," says Area Manager Tom Paulek, "so hunters should take advantage of it while it lasts."

He credits "lots of nice habitat" in the wildlife area with contributing to the upswing.


Scott Doggett

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