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Special election raises a few doubts

November 08, 2005

My biggest problem with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has nothing to do with his political beliefs but rather his affection for unscheduled elections.

Costly special elections such as today's are absurd. Amazingly, Schwarzenegger portrays himself as some sort of progressive fighter for the little man, revolutionary even. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our state is now on its third phony election, counting the recall.

Let's give these additional elections a rest, Governor. Don't you get sick of all these commercials like the rest of us?


Huntington Beach


Your two editorials Nov. 6 seem to contradict each other. In one you blame the special election on Schwarzenegger's eagerness to get his initiatives on the ballot now instead of waiting for the regular primary election in June. You mention the governor's misguided intentions and abuse of ballot initiatives. Yet in the other editorial, you actually endorse three of the four initiatives Schwarzenegger put on the ballot. Did somebody say you were a left-leaning newspaper? I don't think so.


Redondo Beach

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