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Assessing the results of special election vote

November 11, 2005

I voted "no" on practically every initiative, but I am not jumping up and cheering because they were defeated. The media and political spinners will be telling us nonstop that the "voters" decided this or that, and that a message was sent to Sacramento.

The truth is the vote was very close, and this entire expensive "special" election turned out to be a waste of time and resources. There is no message here, just a state full of people who want their elected leaders to do the work they were elected to do -- and stop making millionaires out of political consultants.




I never cease to be amazed at the sheer stupidity of Californians. The fact that all of the governor's propositions were defeated only demonstrates this.

Worse yet, this defeat gives power to and encourages the major opposition to the propositions, the California Teachers Assn. When are you people going to learn that the teachers union is demonstrably the single most significant factor in the decline of educational quality in California, and it's about time we cut the organization off at the knees?


Long Beach


In the aftermath of the special election, voters would like to see their government take a less adversarial approach to solving California's many real problems. However, I don't see any indication that Republican or Democratic politicians and the large interest groups that support them hear this clear message from the voters.

I propose that we establish a Pragmatic Party, dedicated to the proposition that open, honest and inclusive discussion of issues can lead to fair and practical solutions.

Who knows; if successful in California, perhaps we could apply these principles nationwide to even larger problems.




Your Nov. 10 article "Winners and Losers" was very interesting and accurate. However, you left off one important loser, and that is the new, more conservative Los Angeles Times editorial board. Its support of some of the propositions was soundly defeated and not in tune with the opinions of its readers.


Los Angeles


Re "Is He Auditioning for Office?"

Nov. 10

Would someone please get a hook and yank Warren Beatty and Annette Bening off the stage before the Democrats blow this one too?



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