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Lions, tigers, clowns and contortionists

November 13, 2005

GIFT sets, "collector's editions" and multi-disc releases pegged to anniversaries abound in the last quarter of the year, paving something of a Yellow Brick Road to the holidays. This year's highlights include the road itself:

Cirque du Soleil: The Anniversary Collection. 11 shows including "Alegria," "Saltimbanco" and "Quidam." Sony: 12 discs, including featurettes, interviews, multi-angle performances, $135.95, Dec. 6.

The Monty Python Box Set. A tri-pack for the Python enthusiast: "Monty Python & the Holy Grail," "And Now for Something Completely Different" and "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen." Sony: $29.96, Tuesday.

Warner Bros. Holiday Collection. Three classics: "Boys Town," "A Christmas Carol," "Christmas in Connecticut." Warner Bros.: $29.98, already released.

The Wizard of Oz: Three-Disc Collector's Edition. Dorothy and Brainless, Brawnless and a Bi-Ventricularly Deficient Tin Man seek a wizard in the strange Technicolor world known as Oz. Warner Bros.: three discs, including four documentaries, outtakes, interviews, vintage featurettes and original recording session material, $39.92, already released.


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The DVD Sneaks lists include selected movies and TV-to-DVD releases scheduled through Dec. 31. Some have already hit shelves in recent weeks. All prices are suggested list and may vary at different outlets. Release dates and titles may change.

Capsules compiled by Casey Dolan.

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