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Carving up the 9th Circuit

November 15, 2005

It is no surprise that Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the San Francisco-Berkeley-Sacramento liberal axis are against splitting the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (Opinion, Nov. 12). It is about time that the rest of the mentioned Western states have had a belly-full of the 9th Circuit's shenanigans.

Now, if we could only carve off the rest of the liberal coastal regions or at least get some Inland Empire representation in Sacramento and stop this Northern California revolving-door Legislature.


Palm Springs


Although I disagree with Feinstein's analysis of why Congress should not split the 9th Circuit, her Op-Ed is important regarding bill riders. It is dishonest to "bury" riders in bills to which the rider is not directly related. The budget bill is about spending cuts, and any content within that bill should be confined to that topic. It is inappropriate to tack on a rider to split the 9th Circuit onto a spending-cut bill. Allow voters to evaluate representatives' votes honestly by being able to clearly define what they are voting for or against.


Fountain Valley

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