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L.A.'s wealth of historic trends

November 17, 2005

RE "So Goofy, So Giddy, So Googie" [Oct. 20]: It was a wonderful surprise to open the Home section and see a picture of some counter stools that we manufactured about 40 years ago.

Our former company, L&B Manufacturing in Santa Monica, produced seating for many of the coffee shops that were designed by Armet & Davis as well as other architects. We manufactured the booths, tables, stools and chairs for several Ship's and Norm's, Tiny Naylor's, Pann's and others.

This was a time when the California-style coffee shop was setting a new concept for the rest of the country, and it was very enjoyable to be part of a new trend in restaurant seating.

A lady by the name of Helen Fong was in charge of interiors for Armet & Davis, and I worked with her on many projects.

The most innovative restaurant designer was Stan Abrams, who designed the cantilevered stool base that is in your picture at Ship's that became a standard for coffee shops.

It was a fun time to be in the business and the story brings back great memories.


Woodland Hills


I read with great interest the article about Googie architecture and the L.A. Conservancy Modern Committee's dedication to preserving it. My neighborhood group is trying to rehab a Googie treasure in our neighborhood. I have written members of the Modern Committee seeking advice about color schemes, etc., but have not received a reply.

Perhaps they are only interested in saving these wonderful buildings in the Valley or in the more affluent areas of L.A. But there are still some treasures in West Adams.


Historic West Adams

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