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Scheer provided oxygen to many readers

November 17, 2005

When hundreds of readers contact you to protest your sacking of veteran Op-Ed writer Robert Scheer, The Times' articulate and courageous voice of the left, they deserve more of a response than the condescending "A Note to Our Readers" (Opinion, Nov. 15). Your readers, including me, clearly have asked to know why Scheer was fired. A "because we said so" answer doesn't cut it. Sad Times.


Huntington Beach


At least you're right on one point, Andres Martinez: Readers "can agree to disagree with the wisdom of our decision." But not only did you fail to make a compelling argument for dismissing Scheer, you misread what the uproar of hundreds of people was all about: not the content of your opinion pages per se but, especially in Scheer's case, the content of his analysis, reasoning and the intensity and passion of the prose attacking and exposing the deceitful rhetoric and misleading justifications of a secretive administration.

The Times without Scheer deprives Angelenos of a voice that shouted from these pages week after week, year after year, providing political oxygen to thousands of like-minded citizens.


Los Angeles

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