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Healthcare's complications

November 26, 2005

Re "Governors Write Their Own Prescriptions for Healthcare Crisis," Nov. 21

The Republican agenda is clear: Give Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security recipients a check and tell them they are on their own. If they need healthcare, their option will be the for-profit healthcare industry. If they want to provide for retirement, their option will be the for-profit investment industry. Public (taxpayer) funds are directed into private coffers -- for a Republican, what could be a better plan?

Three cheers for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He seems to understand that public funds and public office exist to benefit the public, not to enrich the private sector.


Santa Clara, Calif.


Re "Take your pills, ignore your belly," Current, Nov. 20

Greg Critser overlooks a glaringly obvious reason behind the sinking sales of pharmaceuticals: cost.

Many people choose not to fill or refill prescriptions, or they cut pills in half to make them last longer, because they can't afford them. As more employers cut drug benefits, and as more people lose health insurance altogether, drug sales will continue to drop as people make the choice to gamble with their health in order to pay the rent or buy food. If Big Pharma didn't spend so much money on advertising, perhaps the outrageous prices could be brought down to levels that would encourage compliance.


Los Angeles

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