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Concerns and hope for the homeless

October 04, 2005

Re "Fighting the Stigma of Mental

Illness," Sept. 28

The United States has a problem with homelessness worse than most other civilized and "uncivilized" countries. Should we dare look at patterns of unwanted pregnancies, poor childrearing, drug use, gangs or a breakdown in social and family patterns of ethical behavior?

As far as mental illness and homelessness, it seems that it would be hard for one to exist without the other. Rather than a predictor or a result, the experience of becoming homeless would provide the makings of a self-fulfilling cycle of mental, emotional and physical breakdown.


Highland Park


I have the privilege to work alongside formerly homeless who are now contributing citizens, and I know the potential amid the "dumping ground." Despite the complexities of homelessness, I know there is hope.

Mother Teresa described her work as stemming from her conviction that "we belong to each other." Not that we all have to be Mother Teresa, but a departure from a "not in my backyard" mind-set is at least a start. I hope that this conversation about dumping will stimulate all Angelenos to address a very serious problem with creativity and compassion.


Executive Director, Central

City Community Outreach

Los Angeles

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