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The Supreme Court fight: Round 2

October 04, 2005

Didn't President Bush promise to take his time and conduct a thorough and complete search for his Supreme Court nominee? He didn't look far in appointing Harriet Miers, a member of his inner circle. Why does he pretend? Why not say, I've made my choice and I'm not going to listen to anyone.

If this weren't such a serious matter, it would be quite a joke on the American people. Women are not going to be happy just because the appointment is a woman. Minorities should be outraged. Of all the qualified people who should have been seriously considered, I find this appointment outrageous.




If the point of having a woman on the Supreme Court is to provide diversity, then let's have a woman who, other than menstruation, has had womanly experiences, a woman who has had children and managed a family, a woman who can bring a female perspective to the travails of life. Otherwise, we're getting a man in a dress.


Palm Desert

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