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Meeting terrorism with torture

October 11, 2005

Re "Fighting for an ideal," editorial, Oct. 7

Thank you for supporting Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) amendment prohibiting inhumane treatment of "enemy combatants" and prisoners of war. We need to understand that the only way to fight terrorism is to maintain our humanity and appeal to the humanity of the terrorists. Torture dehumanizes the prisoner and the interrogator. McCain's amendment recognizes this principle.


Sierra Madre


I have now read the most inane statement ever to appear in a Times editorial. Recommending that the president sign a bill that would guarantee terrorists the same Geneva Convention rights that traditional military forces enjoy, The Times concludes this would show "that he, too, understands that how we fight this war is just as important as winning it." Really? What it actually shows is that The Times is clueless as to the terms of the Geneva Convention, the nature of our enemy and the importance of winning this global war by employing whatever means prove effective.


Santa Monica

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