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Angels vs. New York

How They Scored

October 11, 2005


* Yankees: Ervin Santana pitching. Robinson Cano walked on a full count. Cano was caught stealing, catcher Bengie Molina to shortstop Orlando Cabrera. Bernie Williams walked on a full count. Jorge Posada walked on four pitches, Williams to second. Bubba Crosby singled to right, Williams scored, Posada to third. Derek Jeter hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Vladimir Guerrero, Posada scored. Crosby stole second. Alex Rodriguez struck out. Two runs, one hit, one left. Yankees 2, Angels 0.

* Angels: Garret Anderson homered to right on a 3-1 count. Molina singled to center. Darin Erstad struck out. Juan Rivera popped out to second baseman Cano. Steve Finley walked on a full count, Molina to second. Adam Kennedy tripled to center, Molina scored, Finley scored. Chone Figgins struck out. Three runs, three hits, one left. Angels 3, Yankees 2.


* Angels: Cabrera singled to left. Guerrero singled to center, Cabrera to third. Anderson hit a sacrifice fly to center fielder Crosby, Cabrera scored. Molina singled to right, Guerrero to third. Erstad safe on failed fielder's choice, Guerrero scored, Molina to second. Rivera fouled out to left fielder Hideki Matsui. Randy Johnson pitching. Finley grounded out, second baseman Cano to first baseman Jason Giambi. Two runs, three hits, two left. Angels 5, Yankees 2.


* Yankees: Jeter homered to center on an 0-1 count. Rodriguez grounded out, shortstop Cabrera to first baseman Erstad. Kelvim Escobar pitching. Giambi doubled to center. Gary Sheffield flied out to right fielder Guerrero. Matsui fouled out to catcher Molina. One run, two hits, one left. Angels 5, Yankees 3.

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