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Where Have You Been Lately

October 16, 2005


Mark Ridley-Thomas

Assembly member, 48th Assembly District


We went to Atlanta to see my twin sons off to college. They're freshmen at Morehouse College. There were a number of ceremonies. One was called "Welcome to the House," where they had presentations [in the voice of] many historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., who was a Morehouse graduate, Howard Thurman, Maynard Jackson. Some of the upperclassmen took on these roles.

The parting ceremony was filled with rich tradition. There was a box with written notes from all 800 students' parents or guardians. This box was taken to the obelisk of Howard Thurman, who was a celebrated theologian. That was special. It's what you see my wife and me doing [in the photo].

We took nice walks in Piedmont Park. You wouldn't want to go [to Atlanta] without visiting Paschal's, one of the traditional soul food places. And we found ourselves at the King memorial and the church he co-pastored: the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Now it's a historic monument.

Discovery: We ate at Lush, a vegetarian house that was very impressive. My wife is a vegetarian, and we celebrated her 50th birthday there.

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