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Different readings on the Judith Miller story

October 18, 2005

Re "N.Y. Times Breaks Silence on Jailed Writer," Oct. 16

Say what you will, but Judith Miller protected a possible hostile news source despite criticism from her own newspaper, and she defied her own attorney in spite of the extreme lengths to which this administration has intruded on individual rights. In my book, Miller goes down as a true heroine for journalistic integrity and pure guts.


Monterey Park


Miller's award from Cal State Fullerton is rather odd. First Amendment awards are given to those who protect their sources from retribution. In other words, we might never know of malfeasance if whistle-blowers were not protected. It was not really intended to protect the highest echelons of government from disclosure of felonies.

Miller had been acting as a mouthpiece for the Bush administration in promoting the Iraq war. That she was not that sleazy as her colleague who actually wrote the Valerie Plame story gives her some credit. However, by hiding evidence of a felony, she was aiding and abetting one. She deserved the jail time, and the New York Times has a real mea culpa to publish.


Sherman Oaks

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