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Bird Flu Case Found in Greece

Tests will determine whether the strain is the same one that has killed scores of people in Asia.

October 18, 2005|From Reuters

ATHENS — Greece said Monday that it had detected one turkey with bird flu on a remote island in the eastern Aegean Sea and was conducting tests to see if it was the H5N1 strain of the virus recently found in Turkey and Romania.

The turkey came from a small private poultry farm of about 20 turkeys on the tiny island of Inousses off Chios, the Agriculture Ministry said.

Polidoras Lambrinoudis, the Chios prefect, said no poultry or eggs were allowed to leave Inousses.

"We will cull the other 20 birds or so, and we will medically examine all members of the farmer's family," he said.

Turkey, about 10 miles from Inousses, and Romania have culled thousands of birds in the last few days.

Bird flu comes in several forms, but not all of them are considered deadly. The H5N1 strain has killed more than 60 people in Asia.

Health officials are concerned the virus could mutate into a form easily transmitted among humans.

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