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Angels Could Get a Big Deal for Television

FSN West offers the team a contract comparable to the 10-year, $340-million one the Dodgers have.

October 19, 2005|Bill Shaikin | Times Staff Writer

FSN West has offered the Angels a cable contract that could enable the team to pull even with the Dodgers in television revenue, two sources said Tuesday.

If the Angels accept the deal, they would abandon the concept of starting their own cable channel but could eventually triple their television revenue from 2004, the first full season under Arte Moreno's ownership. Negotiations are continuing, and no agreement has been reached.

FSN is believed to have offered the Angels a contract comparable to the 10-year, $340-million deal the Dodgers reportedly signed last year.

If the Angels agree, and if they get a separate deal for over-the-air broadcasts on Channel 5 or Channel 13, they could generate about $30 million next season and $40 million to $50 million per season as the annual payments escalate.

In 2004, the Angels received $15.4 million in television revenue -- $11.1 million from FSN and $4.3 million from Channel 9.

The FSN bid represents an effort to end a stalemate over renewal of the Angels' cable contract, which currently obligates FSN to carry 50 games per season through 2008. FSN has refused to sign up for additional broadcasts unless the Angels extend the contract, which would prevent Moreno from starting a cable channel. Moreno remains undecided on the cable venture, sources said.

FSN aired 102 games this season, with another 49 airing on Channel 9.

"The goal of ownership is to maximize the television schedule," Angel spokesman Tim Mead said. "Fox has been a great partner, and we look forward to that continuing."

Mead declined to discuss any details of the negotiations. Randy Freer, chief operating officer of Fox Sports Networks, did not immediately return phone calls for comment.

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