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How They Scored

October 26, 2005


* Astros: Craig Biggio doubled to left-center. Willy Tavares, bunting, popped to third. Lance Berkman singled to left, Biggio scoring. Morgan Ensberg grounded into a double play, short to second to first. One run, two hits. Astros 1, White Sox 0.


* Astros: Adam Everett singled to short. Everett, attempting to steal second, got caught in a rundown but was safe returning to first when shortstop Juan Uribe's throw hit him. Roy Oswalt sacrificed. Biggio singled to right, Everett scoring. Tavares struck out swinging. Berkman singled to right, Biggio taking third. Ensberg singled to left, Biggio scoring with Berkman stopping at second. Mike Lamb struck out swinging. Two runs, four hits, one error, two left. Astros 3, White Sox 0.


* Astros: Jason Lane homered to center. Brad Ausmus grounded to the pitcher. Everett grounded to short. Oswalt grounded to the pitcher. One run, one hit. Astros 4, White Sox 0.


* White Sox: Joe Crede homered to right. Uribe singled to left-center. Jon Garland struck out swinging. Scott Podsednik singled to right, Uribe stopping at second. Tadahito Iguchi singled to center, Uribe scoring with Podsednik stopping at second. Jermaine Dye singled to center, Podsednik scoring with Iguchi stopping at second. Paul Konerko flied to center. A.J. Pierzynski doubled to right-center, Iguchi and Dye scoring. Aaron Rowand walked. Crede was hit by a pitch, loading the bases. Uribe flied to right. Five runs, six hits, three left. White Sox 5, Astros 4.


* Astros: Cliff Politte pitching. With two out, Ensberg walked. Neal Cotts replaced Politte. Lamb walked. Dustin Hermanson replaced Cotts. Eric Bruntlett ran for Lamb. Lane doubled to left, Ensberg scoring with Bruntlett stopping at third. Ausmus struck out looking. One run, one hit, two left. White Sox 5, Astros 5.


* White Sox: Ezequiel Astacio pitching. Dye singled to center. Konerko grounded into a double play, third to second to first. Geoff Blum homered to right. Rowand singled to third. Crede singled to second, Rowand to second. Uribe walked, loading the bases. Chris Widger walked, Rowand scoring. Wandy Rodriguez replaced Astacio. Podsednik struck out swinging. Two runs, three hits, three left. White Sox 7, Astros 5.

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