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Defender of the right sounds like an apologist

October 27, 2005

Re "The rift on the right that isn't," Opinion, Oct. 26

Max Boot says that the current conservative dissenters to the Bush war in Iraq supported it going in. This is true, but they did so based on fabricated intelligence of weapons of mass destruction. Had they not been victims of a lie, they likely would not have been supporters of the war. It is absurd to claim this does not constitute a rift.


Pleasantville, N.Y.


With headlines and articles abounding highlighting dissension within the ranks of the Republican base on myriad issues from Iraq to Harriet Miers, Boot has done the only thing he can do: reframe the argument. By using his own terminology under the heading of his broad statement, he has placed a laser-beam focus on a minute area of cohesiveness and, because of its existence, asks, "Rift? What rift?" This is tantamount to the captain of the Titanic observing the deck below his feet and asking, "Hole? What hole?"



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