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'Tookie' Williams and capital punishment

October 27, 2005

Re "Execution Closer for 'a Model of Humanity,' " Oct. 25

Admittedly an outsider, I am often amazed at the heroes and "leaders" supported by the black community.

A generation of young black men and women has been decimated by gang activity. Yet they rally around a man (Stanley "Tookie" Williams) who is responsible for the creation of organized black gangs and for the deaths of not just four but thousands of people. Is there not a person more deserving of their support?

Following the advice of Bill Cosby would do more for the black community than rallying around gangsters and the leaders who see racism everywhere.

It is easy now for Williams to regret his actions and to regret founding the Crips and to regret the lives lost to gangs and the gang life, but regret and 1,000 children's books will not change the damage to society in general, and black society in particular, that this person has done.


Newport Beach


Hopefully, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will show the compassion and courage necessary to grant clemency to Williams, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. It is the least that this state can do to honor the life of one who's reformed his for the benefit of so many others.


Los Angeles

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