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Choice Is Key in Costume Selection

October 30, 2005|DAVID WOLLOCK

Spider-Man's out, Batman's back in. Harry Potter characters will be a dime a dozen. Evergreen mainstays such as pirates and witches will still be strong. We checked in with Halloweeners of all ages at Burbank's It's A Wrap!, a used-clothing store specializing in costumes from TV and movies, to ask about the right fright-night attire for this year's festivities.


Emily Reisig, 12

Student/Chile pepper

Is this your Halloween costume?

I just wanted to try [this] on.

What will you be?

My friends and I are pixies. On [one friend's] block it's a fairy theme.

What does a pixie wear?

It's a blue, evil fairy. Wacky shoes and a dress or a skirt, wings, blue face.

What costume would be the inner you?

A pepper or a banana or mustard. Or just put tons of boas all over me.

If you wore a costume to school every day, what would it be?


Coolest costume you've ever seen?

Last year [someone was] Tabasco sauce. And there were people who went as bubble gum. There was this girl who was a tissue box.

What is your favorite treat?

M&M's, Baby Ruths, Reese's and anything dark chocolate.

Give us a Halloween anecdote.

One time I was a mummy and I'm walking, and the bottom unravels. But I'm not wearing a shirt, really.


J.R. Eppler, 26

Law student/Paratrooper

Is this the costume for you?

Probably not. It's a little warm.

What will you be?

Last year we did Harry Potter. I still have the robe. I may do that, or "The Dukes of Hazzard."

What costume would express the inner you?

Actually, a futuristic military costume.

If you had to wear a costume to law school every day, what would it be?

Maybe a Roman toga.

Your favorite Halloween costume?

In 7th grade I made a Spock costume. It was spot on, the old-fashioned "Star Trek."

Coolest costume you've ever seen?

I knew someone who tried to be the French dictionary. It was dorky.

Give us a Halloween anecdote.

I have a tame life. But when I was an undergrad, one co-op had this party every Halloween. Eventually everyone lost their costume. Basically, it was naked body-paint dancing.


Lucy Kenworthy, 21


Are you committing to be a bride?

I was not planning on it in the least.

What will you go as?

A fairy queen on the lines of Titania from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I'm a Shakespeare nerd.

What costume would be the inner you?

Definitely not bridal. Some demonic creature. I'm a horrible person.

What was your favorite costume?

A Medusa costume where I made a big snake headdress that kept hitting people in the face.

Your lamest costume ever?

One year I donned a Hefty bag and went as White Trash.

What public figure would you like to dress up for Halloween?

Fidel Castro as the tooth fairy.

Give us a Halloween anecdote.

One year on a scavenger hunt I had to go up to someone and say the most random thing. I'm like, [in Australian accent] "The dingo ate your baby." And they're like, "I'm going to beat you up."


Andy Davis, 53

Actor; Lecturer, Otis College

of Art & Design/King

Why are you here today?

I'm always looking. I work events with a company called Wackos Inc.

Is this your Halloween outfit?

Probably not. I'm going to a Halloween party that's pirate-themed. I belong to a group called the Fools Guild. There's a new king and he's involved in historical reenactments.

So expect wenches, scalawags, etc.?


If you had to pick a costume that expressed the inner you, what would it be?

A fool's costume, a jester. I did Renaissance fairs for years.

What public figure would you dress up for Halloween?

President Bush as a Puritan in stocks.

Are you a tricker or a treater?

A tricker. It's that jester thing.

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