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Assessing the war in Iraq

October 30, 2005

Re "U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 2,000," Oct. 26

We killed more Iraqi civilians during the first week of the war. Most of the people that we have killed there have been civilians, not "insurgents." The warmongers among us cling to the last of a long, dreary line of discredited "justifications" for the war: that we are "killing the enemy overseas."

Until President Bush and his co-conspirators decided to take Iraq's oil by killing Iraqis, there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq. We are like Dr. Frankenstein; we have created our own monster.

Tonight, Osama bin Laden will sleep -- somewhere, but not, not ever, in Iraq.


West Hills


Democratic senators who had voted to authorize the Iraq invasion are now lining up at the microphones to disavow any connection to the Bush administration as its corrupt and dishonest tactics come under close scrutiny.

They are all offering up some version of the "if I had only known then what I know now" excuse. Give me a break! Anyone who was paying attention to the mainstream media, let alone who was on the Intelligence Committee, knew what was happening.

There are times to compromise in politics, I'm sure. But it seems that you make those compromises so you can be in a position to take a stand, to cast a vote when it really counts.

How disingenuous to pretend now that they were so naive. They were cowards, plain and simple.


Pacific Palisades

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